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Meetings and Ideas. Modern technology has changed the way we achieve results in this industry. However the stages we use to reach our goals in my mind will always remain the same. Arranging a meeting face to face, discussing with me what you want or need, finding out how we can work together and get on with each other, how we bounce ideas off each other so that we're both on the same page. It's important to me to have that initial meeting, especially in this world of pixels and video calls.

Planning. Next stage is putting a plan together. Arranging a casting of models, shoot date, locations, support team, and that all important bit...the budget! With the way companies and brands are trying to outdo each other in their advertising within a costly budget, its important to me that any desire or wish can be made possible if planning is in place. How we plan it will be worked around your needs and convenience, its my intention you have a great experience shooting with me.

Strategy. We all know how things can change but if we have a basic strategy in place, arrrival times, set up time, who has make up first, weather forecast if on location, sun position, everything we can think of, it sets us off on a great day of creativity and achievement. No matter how freeflowing and spontaneous us creatives want to be, you, (the all important client) wants all the work completed, within a time frame, within a budget, with all the hundreds of wonderful images in a safe place.

Photography and Editing. In days gone by I did all my own black and white and colour printing myself as well as the photography. I shot photographs tailored to my printing style. The same applies today in this digital age. I edit and design the images myself working from raw files. Although I use photoshop I edit the pictures to look like they were shot on film and not over retouched, its completed to a very high standard and worked from RAW files with original copies archived.

meeting and ideas



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McVirn has been a photographer for twenty years, after catching the photographic bug on a summer holiday in the very late eighties he decided to try his hand at being a professional photographer by first learning to be a photographic printer. After six years honing his craft his big break came in shooting the cover for the Jamiroquai single Space Cowboy. Since then, & entirely self taught he has gone on to shoot many campaigns for many clients both in the UK and abroad & still mantains a passion for his craft. McVirn seems to have the amazing ability to capture in his camera exactly what the client envisages yet still being able to surprise you with more than you expected. After engaging in self publication with a book called Exposed, McVirn is working on another major photographic book project which has been years in the planning and hopes to complete in the near future...."Its taking a long time, but if I'm going to do this I'm going to do it right. I'm not going to cut any corners. If its going to take me more years to complete, so be it. I want to make sure it's shot in the most beautiful way possible, using traditional techniques as much as possible."

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